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July 17, 2017

According to, paraphrase, same as summary, should be used in your essay in order to elude a big number of citations. Paraphrase is very useful, mainly because it allows you to imbue your essay with other people’s idea without plagiarizing. However, Superior Essays Writing Service wants to underline that there are certain peculiarities of paraphrasing and our writers want to give you a couple of useful tips concerning this matter.

Paraphrasing Tips From Superior Essays Writing Service

There are two main points our writers from Superior Essays Writing Servicewants you to remember before starting to use paraphrase in your superior essays:

  • Firstly, whenever you paraphrase, you must put a reference to the source, otherwise, you may be accused in plagiarism and your grade will be lowered.
  • Secondly, the original text must be completely altered into your own words. Substituting words with their synonyms is not enough. According to, you should change the sentence structure as well, making sure that your paraphrase is similar to the original text in the aspect of content, but not in the form.

Paraphrasing Strategies For Your Superior Essay Writing

Superior Essays Writing Service knows how hard it may be to find completely new words for what has already been said. For that reason, our service wants to share some paraphrasing strategies with you. First and foremost, you should start paraphrasing when you are on the note-taking stage only. While picking up necessary materials from the sources for your future essay, try to make notes transmitting the author’s words into your own language. In addition, you may summarize what you have read in one sentence and then develop the idea in your essay in your own words.

What is more, wants to remind you that you should always make sure to include the page number of the initial passage in order to reference it properly in your essay. Finally, when you are through with the paraphrase, it is advisable to go back to the original source and check once more whether everything is done accurately and fix the faults if there are any.

Paraphrase is widely used by our professional writers at They know for sure how to execute an original essay, composed of interesting materials. In addition, be sure that our professionals will add completely new ideas to make your essay genuinely superior if you place an order with us. So don’t waste time and contact our writers now!


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